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We are now part of Peak District Artisans!

Heartwood Crafts is very excited and honoured to announce that we have been invited to join Peak District Artisans. The group's members are selected for their outstanding creative works who also provide both oustanding products and high quality service. Many members are award winning and internationally recognised for excellence in their chosen field.

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Welcome to Heartwood Crafts

We are a family owned and run business based on the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire b​order, a few miles from the centre of Sherwood Forest and at the foothills of the Peak District. All our designs are inspired by the history, geography and traditions around us. Each creation is unique and hand crafted.

Georgian House

A commission piece - Now Completed!

The Georgian House front elevation was commissioned by a client who is renovating the real thing and it's his pride and joy!

The client and his wife have been involved at all points through the project development.

Materials used include; Gritstone, beige limestone, grey limestone, slate, oak, glass and lead.

Over 2000 individual stones, 50 gritstone quoins and over 600 stone roof tiles have been cut and dressed by hand and used on this project. The windows are all made from oak and contain 40 pieces each in the large frames. The door is oak too and is made of 50 individual pieces with stainless steel furniture.

This commission is now complete and has been delivered to the client who says 'It's amazing!'.

Lockdown Mill

A commission piece - Now completed

Lockdown Mill was commissioned by a client who has built a new pond and water fall in his garden called, as you may guess; Lockdown Falls!

The project is based on ideas we discussed together and agreed on a final design. 

The project is now completed and installed in the clients garden, next to Lockdown Falls.

Here's a few pictures of the piece just before it was loaded ready for delivery.

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Peak District Barn No. 1


Another variation of this barn will be coming soon!

This project is based on the barns that can be found around the Peak District. It is built upon a natural stone base with a footprint of 46cm x 26cm (18 in x 10in) and stands approx. 27cm (11in) tall. The other materials used are locally sourced Mandale limestone (which contains 300 million year old crinoid and bi-valve fossils), Amazone beige limestone, oak, glass, copper and lead.

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What our customers are saying

As a time-served tradesman, (I can see that) the skill that has gone into this is immense, clearly a labour of love. I tip my hat to you sir!

G. O'Reilly - Facebook feedback

I keep coming back to this to look at it. The level of skill in this model is comparable, if not better, than professional animation studios. Incredible detail!

Joe Westlake - Facebook feedback