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Peak District Barn No. 3 - £450

I have again based this model on the barns I have seen around the the Peak District. This is a typical type of barn that has been in use here for many generations. A number of these barns have been restored but a great many more are now falling in to decay. This barn has a foot print of approx. 39cm (w) x 30cm (d) x 28cm (h) (or 15" x 12" x 11"). It weighs approx. 11.8Kg (26 lbs).

The materials used are Derbyshire Gritstone, beige limestone, oak, mid steel and lead. It is all constructed on a stone base.

Both doors open on this version, there is an oak loft floor and a fireplace which can be used as an incense burner if desired. The smoke will exit through the functional chimney.

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Lychgate - £750

Lychgates stand at the entrance to many churchyards and were once the resting place of a coffin awaiting burial (lych means 'body'). These days, it has more to do with the photo opportunities available for weddings and christenings! I've seen many lychgates around the Peak District and this one is a composite of some of them along with added raised gardens. It is built upon a natural stone base with a footprint of 60cm x 34cm (24in x 14in) and stands approx. 46cm (18in) tall. 

The other materials used are locally sourced Mandale limestone (which contains 300 million year old crinoid and bi-valve fossils), Amazone grey and beige limestone, oak, mild steel, copper and lead.

This model is not intended for outside use in full exposure to the elements. Note too, the planter sections do not have drain holes although this could be added at no extra cost if required by the buyer.

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